Important Safety Information

Important Safety Information – Please read before use

Read the following warnings and information before use of the product and follow all product safety and operating instructions. Failure to do so may cause bodily injury, electric shock, fire, and other damage.

Ensure You Are Able to Safely Use the Product
Consult your doctor before using the product if you have pre-existing serious medical conditions (such as a heart ailment), conditions that affect your ability to safely perform physical activities, psychiatric conditions (such as anxiety disorders or post-traumatic stress disorder), or if you are pregnant or elderly.
Do not use the product if you are sick, fatigued, under the influence of intoxicants/drugs, or are not feeling generally well, as it may exacerbate your condition.

Ensure the Area Around You is Safe for Use of the Product

While wearing the product’s headset you are blind to the world around you. The image displayed in the headset will not match the real world. Always use the product in a clear and safe area. Do not rely on the product’s chaperone system for protection.

Be Aware of the Cable and Connections

Keep in mind the location of the cable and connections running from the headset so that you are not likely to trip over or pull on them while moving around or walking around the play area.

Take Care of the Controllers

While using the hand controllers, always check that you have sufficient overhead and surrounding clearance to allow you to fully extend your arms outward and upwards. Hitting persons or objects may cause injury or damage. Hold the controllers firmly and always use the wrist straps. If released while using, the controller may cause injury or damage.

Photosensitive Seizures

Like other products that produce visual effects (including light flashes), the product may trigger epileptic seizures, seizures, fainting, or severe dizziness even in people who have no history of these conditions. If you have a previous history of epilepsy or seizures, loss of awareness, or other symptoms linked to an epileptic condition, consult your doctor before using the product. To reduce the likelihood of a seizure do not use the product if you are tired or need sleep.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Operate the product in a comfortable posture. Do not grip the product too tightly. Press the buttons lightly. If you have tingling, numbness, stiffness, throbbing, or other discomfort, immediately stop using the product and consult your doctor.

Hearing Loss

Do not use the earphones at a high volume for prolonged periods of time, or permanent hearing loss may occur.

Radio Frequency Interference

The product can emit radio waves that can interfere with the operation of nearby electronic devices. If you have a cardiac pacemaker or other implanted medical device, do not use the product until you have consulted with your doctor or the manufacturer of your medical device.

Physical and Psychological Effects

Content viewed using the product can be intense, immersive, and appear very life-like and may cause your brain and body to react accordingly. Certain types of content (e.g. violent, scary, emotional, or adrenaline-based content) could trigger increased heart rate, spikes in blood pressure, panic attacks, anxiety, PTSD, fainting, and other adverse effects. If you have a history of negative physical or psychological reactions to certain real life circumstances, avoid using the product to view similar content.
Similarly, it is important to remember that simulated objects, such as furniture, that may be encountered while using the product do not exist in the real world, and injuries may result when interacting with those simulated objects as if they were real, for example, by attempting to sit down on a virtual chair.

Avoid Overuse

Prolonged, uninterrupted use of the product should be avoided. It may negatively impact hand-eye coordination, balance, and/or cause other negative effects. While using the product frequently and for prolonged periods of time, you may experience tiredness or soreness in your muscles, joints, or other body parts. Take regular breaks from using the product. The length and frequency of necessary breaks may vary from person to person.

Stop Using If You Experience Any Discomfort

Stop using the product and consult your doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms:
• Seizures, loss of awareness, convulsions, involuntary movements, dizziness, disorientation, nausea, light headedness, drowsiness, or fatigue;
• Eye pain or discomfort, eyestrain, eye twitching, or vision abnormalities (such as altered, blurred, or double vision);
• Excessive sweating increased salivation, impaired sense of balance, impaired hand-eye coordination, or other symptoms similar to motion sickness.

Use by Children

The product was not designed to be used by young children. Do not leave the product within the reach of young children or allow them to use or play with it. They could hurt themselves or others, or could accidentally damage the product. If older children are permitted to use the product, then their responsible adult should monitor them closely for any negative effects during and after their use of the product. Do not allow older children to use the product if negative effects are observed. Adults should also ensure that older children avoid prolonged use of the product.