Drunk or Dead

Drunk or Dead

Rated: Mature

Drunk or Dead is a fun party game. A virus has turned all sober people into zombies. Go bar hopping in the midst of apocalypse! Drink in the company of sexy girls and finish off hordes of zombies! Set your own record!



VR shooter Drunkl or Dead immerses you in a post-apocalyptic world where you will fight against countless zombies. Weapons and alcohol will help you. You will be in for an exciting and dynamic compeptitive gameplay: hordes of enemies, dangerous bosses, hot babes, and sea of alcohol – as it’s the only way to save yourself from zombie virus!

  • Shoot! Hit! Blow up! – stand against bloodthirsty enemies at any price!
  • Drink! Drink! Drink! – in this game, alcohol is not only harmful, but useful useful too!
  • Walk through the line of a riveting plot to discover locations to dare your friends in survival mode.
  • Become the best killer of undead among your friends or worldwide, if everything mentioned above isn’t enough for you.