Flappy Flappy VR

Flappy Flappy VR

Rating: Suitable for all

Flap your wings and caw like a bird as you fly through pipes and attract a flock while you journey to the north! You’re going to look absolutely insane!



… with 100% more flap! A great party game for friends and family, Flappy Flappy VR will have you flapping and cawing like any real bird would. You’re going to look absolutely insane, but you don’t give a flying flock. Burn those caw-lories!

Flap your wings

The rules are simple. Flap your wings to fly through the pipes that are impeding your journey to the north.

Caw for backup

Yes, bird puns. Cawing loudly will attract flocks of birds to join you in your birdly travel to the north. No, really, I mean you have to open your mouth, and scream like a seagull, or a hawk. There are plenty of birds that you can sound like. Our innovative CCS (Caw-dio Capture System) assures Caw-Driven™ gameplay for maximum fun, mostly for those spectating.

Compete on a global leaderbird

Become the true Lord of the Wings. Score points by flying through pipes. The more birds that join you, the more points you get. Leave a legacy behind.


Some kids just have trouble flying. Leisurely coast on ‘chicken’ difficulty, or soar at blazing speed on ‘peregrine’.