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Virtual reality at your Event

If you are wanting to add an activity to your up coming event why not consider offering virtual reality experiences? We can provide a memorable experience to your guests as either the focal activity or as a side attraction.

How it works

We come to your venue, setup and manage the vr games and experiences during your event so you don’t need to worry about anything. 

What is included

We provide the computers, headsets, games and someone to run it all, all you need to provide is the space and the players, the fun then comes naturally.


Our virtual reality games and experiences can be enjoyed by nearly everyone regardless of age or ability. The only limitation is on whether the headset fits the player. We have games and experiences at a range of intensities, its not all about guns and zombies

Some of our games and experiences

We usually have a choice of around 60 games and experiences available during events which we change regularly and can tailor to your needs. Below is a selection of our most popular:

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